Ever wondered what’s the best frame for your face shape? Well read more and get your answer!

There are 4 main face shapes: Square, Oval, Round, Heart. Find the right shape of your face and choose the best pair of eye wear.

Do: The best frames to go with this shape are oval and round frames. Butterfly shapes glasses are also recommended.

If your face is Square, then you have an angular face with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin. Proportional length and width.

Don’t: Square shaped frames.

Do: Most frame shapes work with oval faces. Square, rectangular and geometric shapes are the best for this shape of face.

People with oval faces are the luckiest ones! If your face is oval you have mostly balanced proportions. Chin is slightly narrower than forehead and cheekbones are high.

Don’t: Frame that are too large for your features.

Do: Frames to go with this shape: Angular and geometric which sharpen facial features, rectangular and horizontal styles which makes the face appear longer and thinner and also up swept frames that draw the attention to top face.
If you have a Round face, then full cheeks, rounded chin with few angles are the main features to describe it. Width and length are in same proportions.

Don’t: Small frames that are out of proportion and short ones that accentuate the dace length.

Do: So narrow, round frames would be the best which can soften your forehead.
Heart shaped face people have broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin. Your suitable frame should add width to lower face such as bottom-heavy frames and low-set temples.

Don’t: Top-heavy styles and decorative temples.

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