Get a SEXY look with non-prescribed glasses!
Glasses are just as much about style as they are function. Thick, plastic-framed glasses are no longer reserved for hipsters, fashion editors and computer geeks. Non-prescription glasses have been a trend that’s been around for a few seasons now. Lots of fashion-forward girls and guys have been rocking over-sized glasses with clear lenses! So if you feel more confident and stylish with them just go for it even if you have 20/20 vision!

You could also do yourself a big favor by adding UV protection to the lenses! So they won’t be only a pair of fashion glasses.

Made famous by the one and only Andy Warhol, many companies throughout the history of fashion eye-wear have used this frame shape as inspiration!

Check out our Huge range of plastic frames to find the best Warhol style suitable for your fashion taste!

Add a Little Color!

Study shows each color on the frames give certain feelings to the wearer. Check out these colors to see which describes your personality best:

Blue frame slightly vulgar sense and somewhat unique.

Indigo frame the most ratio.

Black frame feels rational, common, and noble.

Purple frame feels very emotional, somewhat vulgar sense and unique.

Red frame feels emotional, representative of unique, but slightly vulgar sense.

Pink frame sensibility, very unique, non-vulgar sense.

Yellow frame sensibility, some unique, but slightly vulgar sense.

Green frame is very personalized, but it appears to the most vulgar sense.

White frame feels a little rational, a little unique, and looks noble.

Depp’s eyeglasses appear to have an oval insignia on the temple, not the Moscot diamond.  But this could be an issue of the angle of the photos.  A visit to Moscot’s website confirms that Depp is counted among their fans.

For those of you not familiar with Mascot, it’s one of New York City’s oldest eye-wear and optical shops (it was founded in 1915) and their frames have worked their way into popular culture, showing up on everyone from Truman Capote to Buddy Holly and now … Johnny Depp.

If you like this style can meet your need.

And also good news for Ladies, fashion know no gender! So log in and try on the Depp frame of your choice.

The round shapes frames has always been famous because of the famous Beetles Singer, John Lennon. But the first guy wearing them was Gandhi! Although John had a better chance in making these cool frames iconic and fashionable. The round shape is one of the original frame shapes for both glasses and sunglasses and have never declined in their popularity. If you are a fan of the larger round eye shape glasses or the smaller styles, you can select from an assortment of brands and colors.

Round glasses were once the only shape available to find; the original eyeglass design known to man. If you think you have a unique sense of fashion then Gandhi frames are the best! Own the same style eyeglasses frames that John Lennon was known for. The shape worn by Gandhi, Ozzy Osbourne, George Burns, David Letterman.

Shutter Shades are a design of slatted sunglasses available since the 1980s.

Instead of having lenses, the design is characterized by its "shutter" motif, which is part of the frame. These glasses are unisex and are available in an assortment of styles and colors! Depending on the design, Shutter Shades may not function as sunglasses; although some models contain UV resistant lenses, many do not, and only feature a series of horizontal plastic "shades," which neither provide protection for the eye from UV light nor prevent a substantial amount of light from entering the eye.

Over the remainder of the year and the next, several celebrities publicly embraced the style of the shades, quickly establishing this new design of eye-wear as a pop culture staple. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup many fans were seen wearing shutter shades with the design of their respective flag pictured on the glasses.

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